The Benefits of Visiting Thailand During the Low Season

In Thailand there are typically two seasons the dry season and the rainy season, these seasons are referred to as the high season and the low season, respectively. During the high season, Thailand offers plenty of sunny weather, outdoor activities, larger crowds, and high prices. The low season on the other hand can see unpredictable weather, more relaxed and sparely populated tourist destinations, and lower prices. Some visiting Thailand may be deterred by the low season however this particular time of year can offer many benefits to those looking for a more relaxed time in Thailand. Staying at a private villa during the low season is ideal for those who want to relax and enjoy the rainy weather while listening to the sound of raindrops and crashing waves. There are plenty of benefits and things to do during the low season and we will offer a few tips and options for those visiting during this time.

Benefits of the Low Season

The low season typically occurs during the months of May to October and is often characterized by unpredictable weather and frequent downpours. During the low season, there is a lower rate, of tourism, and fewer crowds. During this time many attractions, venues, and activities may be limited due to low demand or inclement weather. However, there are some benefits to visiting Thailand during this season. We will break down just a few of these benefits below.

Lower Prices: Much of Thailand depends on its large tourist industry, and a lower rate of tourism create lower demand for flights, accommodation, and tours. During the low season, visitors will find that much lower prices will be offered making this an affordable time to visit.

Fewer Crowds: Another benefit to the low season is there are fewer crowds at some of the more popular attractions in Thailand. Traffic is lighter and many of the more popular destinations will be less busy. This can offer you less time spent waiting in lines and more opportunities for quiet and relaxed exploration of all that Thailand has to offer.

More Availability: During the high season, securing last-minute reservations for popular venues and accommodations might be impossible. With fewer crowds, however, visitors will be able to find more availability and lowers prices when booking accommodations and tours.

Deals and Promotions: In order to attract more visitors during the low season, hotel and tour operators will often offer low-season rates and discounts. With lower rates, one can get better value for their money.

Greener Landscapes: During the high season in Thailand rainy days are few and far between, which can lead to a more dried-out environment. The rainy season however creates more lush and greener landscapes with clouds clinging to the jungle-covered mountains around Thailand.

Although visiting Thailand during the low season can come with some challenges, there are also some benefits that one can take advantage of such as lower pieces, fewer crowds, and better availability. One should keep in might that many attractions and tours will shut down during this period. With proper planning and a flexible mindset, one can find plenty to do during the low season in Thailand.

What To Do During the Low Season

Despite to potential for rain showers and unpredictable weather, there are still plenty of activities and experiences to enjoy during the low season. Below are a few activities one can consider while visiting during the low season.

Indoor Attractions: There are plenty of indoor activities and attractions that Thailand offers during the low season. Especially in more metropolitan areas, one can visit museums, art galleries, and shopping centers during this time.

Festivals: There are two major festivals that occur during the low season in Thailand. In the Northeastern province of Loei, the Phi Ta Khon festival takes place during the months of June and July. This festival features a procession of people dressed in elaborate, colorful costumes and masks. These costumes and masks are said to represent ghosts of ancestors who have returned to visit the living which makes this festival also known as the Ghost Festival. During this festival, many traditional performances and cultural activities exist. Another festival during the low season is The Vegetarian Festival in the southern province of Phuket.  The Vegetarian Festival takes place in late September and early October. This festival is also known as the nine emperor gods festival. This festival is very popular in Phuket and features many processions and traditional performances. The participants in this festival will often wear white and abstain from eating meat and drinking alcohol. Many participants demonstrate their devotion during this festival by engaging in forms of self-mutilations such as face and body piercings and walking on hot coals.

Spa Treatment: With frequent downpours during the low season, the rain offers a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. There is no better way to unwind and relax than in a calming Thai Spa. Offering massages, aromatherapy, yoga and meditation, and spa treatments are ideal activities to engage in during a rainy day. As mentioned precious many resorts and spas will offer lower rates and special promotions during the low season.

Cooking Classes: By taking a cooking class during the low season, one can try their hand at learning to cook some of the most popular Thai dishes. As the rain might keep one from going out and finding a restaurant, you take in and relax filling your villa with the robust aroma of your favorite Thai dish.

Although the low season brings fewer tourists to Thailand and the weather can be quite unpredictable, there are plenty of benefits to the low season. One will find fewer crowds, lower prices, and more availability with tours and accommodation. There are also plenty of things to do during the low season such as relaxing spa treatments, festivals, and cultural exploration. The low season can be relaxing for many who visit during this period. And there is no better place to spend the low season than at a private villa on the beach. The rain and sound of crashing waves of Natai Beach mere steps from Summer Estate Villa offer you one of the most tranquil and soothing experiences that one can ask for.