Explore The Similan Islands

Off the coast of Khao Lak in the Andaman sea lies a group of eleven absolutely stunning islands belonging to the Mu Koh Similan National Park in southern Thailand. This archipelago is known the world over for there fine white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise water, and biodiverse marine life in the seas surrounding these gorgeous islands. The Similan islands are an extremely popular destination for those looking to island-hop, snorkel, or scuba dive.

The Mu Koh Similan covers an area of about 140 square kilometers and is located 70 kilometers from Phang Nga province of mainland Thailand. The national park is in protected water and these pristine islands are well maintained to ensure that their natural beauty and delicate ecosystem endure the traffic of visitors flocking to the Similans to take in the absolutely breathtaking beautiful experience that these islands offer.

Getting There And What to Expect

You can visit the Similan islands by departing from Tab Lamu Port, located just south of Khao Lak. Tab Lamu Port lies less than 50 kilometers north of Summer Estate Villa on Natai Beach in the province of Phang Nga. A slow boat will take you roughly three hours to make your journey to the Similans. A faster way to make it to these islands, by speedboat, will take about 70 minutes.

Those looking to make the journey to see these breathtaking islands, need to be mindful of the dates that they are able to go. Boats depart from Tab Lamu Port to the Similans from the middle of October to mid-May. This is an important timeframe to remember as the Similan islands are closed to visitors during the low season in order to maintain their natural beauty. When the islands are open to visitors, boats making trips to the Similan Islands operate on a daily basis. One also needs to keep in mind that there is a fee to enter the park.

As mentioned, the Similan Islands are closed off for a portion of the year, and with good reason. According to thainationalparks.com, due to their massive popularity, the islands were receiving an average of 7,000 visitors a day. The number of visitors currently allowed to visit the island is capped at 3,325 a day. Previously the heavy traffic to the island was having a massive impact on marine life. The effort to limit the number of visitors has paid off as much of the coral life surrounding the island has recovered after nearly dying off.

The Islands

Originally the national park encompassed nine islands when the park was established in 1982, since then the park has expanded to incorporate two more islands. Each island is unique and offers its own unique features and attractions. Below is a list of a few of the more popular islands in the archipelago.

Koh Similan: This is the largest and most popular of the islands in the national park. Visitors can relax and snorkel in the famous Donald Duck Bay.  Koh Similan has hiking trails and stunning viewpoints of the island and surrounding seas. Elephant Head Rock is an ideal spot for scuba diving and is located just southwest of Koh Similan.

Koh Miang: Smaller than Koh Similan, this island is a popular destination for its beautiful beaches and snorkeling spots. Honeymoon and Princess Bay are some of the most beautiful beaches that you’ll see and both an ideal for relaxing, sunbathing, and swimming. This island also offers hiking trails through its lush jungle. This island is the second largest and has the only restaurant in the park.

Koh Huyong: Having the longest beach in the national park which serves as a nesting site for sea turtles, this island is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

There are more islands in the park, some uninhabited. Most of these islands are made up of jungles, rocky hills, and rock formations. All of these islands are surrounded by some of the most beautiful snorkeling and diving spot on Earth.


These stunning islands offer plenty of opportunities to relax, soak in the sun, take a hike to a stunning viewpoint, or explore the depths of the world beneath the water. Below is a list of some of the most common activities that visitors can do while exploring the Similians.

Snorkeling: Whether you are booking a slow boat or speed boat to this beautiful island, your boat will most likely stop at some of the most stunning snorkeling spots in the world. With crystal clear water and a densely populated and colorful marine ecosystem, the waters surrounding these islands are ideal for snorkeling.

Diving: By far the most popular activity around the Similan islands is scuba diving. The Similans have some of the most popular dive sites around the island such as Elephant Head Rock, Christmas Point, Shark Few Reef, and Coral Garden to name just a few.

Hiking: Some of the islands offer some amazing hiking trails. Most of the trails are well-marked and can vary in difficulty. These trails are suitable for all levels of fitness, and some lead to absolutely stunning views.


As mentioned before Thailand has made great efforts in protecting the natural beauty and wildlife habitats on and around these islands. If you are hiking through the trails on these islands you’ll spot some unique insects and reptiles.

The seas surrounding the island have some of the most beautiful marine wildlife. The area is extremely biodiverse and whether you are scuba diving or taking in a leisurely snorkeling session you are bound to some amazing creatures. Manta rays, whale sharks, reef sharks, and leatherback turtles are just a few of the creatures that one will encounter as one explores the water of the Similans. Visitors may even encounter a pod of dolphins as they tour the islands.

If you are looking for an absolutely amazing experience exploring some of Thailand’s most pristine islands, you cannot miss out on visiting the Similan Islands. Remember to plan accordingly as the islands are protected and only open for part of the year, from mid-October to mid-May. You can reach the islands from Tab Lamu Port in Khao Lak less than an hour away from Summer Estate Villa on Natai Beach. Once you are there you will find yourself surrounded by the most beautiful sight and sea life that Thailand has to offer.