Temples To Check Out In Southern Thailand

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While you stay at this Phang Nga pool villa you will be perfectly situated in a location where you are free to explore and visit some of the fascinating temples in the area. There are several temples throughout Thailand that many visitors from all over the world come to explore and to get in touch with a unique cultural experience. In this story, we will cover just a fraction of the number of temples that are located throughout Thailand. We will primarily focus on some of the more popular temples located around the Phang Nga, Phuket, and Krabi provinces of Thailand.

Temples in Thailand are also known as “Wat” in Thia. These temples have their roots in the ancient kingdoms that once flourished throughout the region. Many of the temples in the southeast Asian region were influenced by Indian and Buddhist cultures and were built as cinters for spiritual practice and worship.

The temples found throughout Thailand are characterized by unique and intricate design elements in the structures’ interior and exterior. Temple grounds often feature multiple structures which include a main ordination hall known as an ubosot, pagodas, statues, pavilions, and meditation halls.

The main orientation hall or ubosot, is the most sacred building found at most Thai temple complexes. This structure is where important religious ceremonies and rituals take place. This structure also houses the main Buddha image.

As you explore some of Thailand’s temples, you may notice a tower or bell-shaped structure. This structure is known as a Chedis or pagoda, and sometimes this structure is covered in gold leaf. Within this structure is where relics or ashes of important individuals are kept.

Temples of Phang Nga

In the province of Phang Nga, there are a few notable Temple structures that one can visit.

Wat Suwan Kuha: This temple is located in Phang Nga Town and is uniquely situated within the limestone cave. This temple is also known as Wat Tham and features a large reclining Buddha Statue which measures 15 meters long. This temple is a popular pilgrimage site which attracts locals and tourists alike.

Wat Bang Riang: This temple is located in the Thap Put district and situated on top of Khao Lan Mountain. From its elevated position on the mountain, this visually striking temple offers some amazing panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. This temple features a large white pagoda, surrounded by statues, ornate structures, and smaller pagodas. This temple also statue of Guan Yin, the Chinese goddess of compassion, and measures 20 meters in height.

Wat Rat Uppatham: This is another temple located in Phang Nga Town. This temple’s complex features several structures including an intricately decorated ordination hall. This temple is regarded as the center for religious activities and ceremonies by the local community.

Temples of Krabi

Krabi is largely known is beautiful natural environments, limestone cliffs, and tranquil beaches. This province however also has many notable temples worth visiting.

Wat Tham Sua: This temple is also known as the Tiger Cave Temple and is located 9 kilometers northeast of Krabi Town. This temple gets its name from a cave found within the temple complex. The temple also has a 1,237-step climb to the summit where visitors can take in the beautiful surrounding with stunning panoramic views. The climb and views of the surrounding areas make this a popular site for not only cultural enthusiasts but also outdoor enthusiasts.

Wat Sai Thai: This temple is located 10 kilometers from Ao Nang Beach. There are several structures that are a part of this temple complex including a beautiful reclining Buhhda statute. This temple is surrounded by lush greenery and has well-maintained gardens. Visitors to this temple can enjoy a leisurely stroll around the temple grounds.

Temples of Phuket

Wat Chalong: This temple is also known as Wat Chaitararam and is located in the Chalong sub-district of Phuket. This temple is the most revered temple for religious goers and the most popular for tourists. This temple complex is sprawling with many buildings and shrines including the Grand Pagoda which visitors climb to enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding area. This temple’s pagoda also houses a bone fragment from Buddha.

Wat Phra Thong: This temple is also known as “The Golden Buddha Temple”, this name comes from the partially buried golden Buddha statue found on the temple grounds. The legend surrounding this temple is that misfortune will fall on anyone who tries to fully excavate the statue. Because of this legend, the golden statue on the ground remains partially buried with only its head and torso visible.

These were just a few of the amazing temples that can be explored with visiting Thailand. There are many more famous and popular temples to be explored which will be covered in a future story, but the main focus here is to familiarize guests of Summer Estate with the temples from the surrounding area.

While guests are visiting Summer Estate they can get in touch with the local culture and experience the ancient traditions of Thailand and their center of worship and mindfulness. Temples play a major role in local communities and will often feature many festivals and ceremonies. As you visit and experience the culture of mindfulness around the surrounding areas you can retreat back to your own center of calm in our tranquil luxury villa on Natai Beach.